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CloBits is a Cloud Computing Platform as a Service (PaaS). It is designed by GreenDarts to ease the design, development and deployment of next generation cloud applications. CloBits enables businesses to focus only on building business applications rather than thinking about the cost involved in buying and managing servers and softwares. CloBits platform is widely used by developers to build an application that serves many clients with only one instance running on the server. The application built using CloBits platform are called multi-tenant applications. Multi-tenant eliminates the wastage of energy and resources.

Developers only concentrate on building applications that includes functionalities such as Object creation, page design, business process automation, social media and mobile process. Applications deployed in CloBits platform features automated scaling, tuning, tracking and backing up of data.

GreenDarts Apps such as IncentCloud, QualSync, DealBrick are running on top of CloBits Platform.

Platform Features

Build App User Interfaces in no time

Page Builder tool helps admins to build User Interfaces easily. Standard templates are provided to build basic, hierarchy, calendar, transactions and wizard based page designs. Effective dated record logics can be built into page designs. No more coding and everything is done using point and click.

Automate Business Process Flow

CloBits platform provides automation tools for managing Workflows, Approval Process, Email Templates and auto Notifications. This makes the platform more powerful to create and manage any kind of automated business process for the business applications.

Optimized for Mobile & Social Media

CloBits provides optimized mobile platform. The CloBits applications runs on iPad, iPhones and all other Smartphones automatically. Social Medias API’s are in-Built with the platform which enables applications to be connected with social media apps such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Simplified Report Builder

CloBits provides a report building wizard using which standard (out of the box) reports can be easily customized to meet the business needs (or) new reports & dashboards can be built pretty quickly.

Advanced Security Mechanism

We understand your data is on cloud and appreciate your trust on us. We have highly robust security mechanisms and data control features which protects and shields your data. We have security controls at all levels such as authentication, authorization, roles, hierarchy, tabs, records, Fields, Page layouts and so on.

Multitenant Architecture

All users share the same infrastructure and the same version of the CloBits platform. The shared infrastructure changes the underlying economics of enterprise applications, enabling us to maintain a single application instance for thousands of customers. Multitenant architecture enables lower-cost, quick to deploy, and open to rapid innovation.
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