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Maximize Your Salesforce Value

GreenDarts provide Salesforce CRM services to many global
clients since 2005. We work as a transformation partner
to add value, react to market changes quickly, and establish Salesforce as a unified solution that will help them engage with their customers, and outrun the market competition. With our diverse domain experience, highly matured processes and deep technical expertise, we help facilitate cutting edge, highly optimized and cost-effective solutions.

At GreenDarts, we help our customers implement the best of the solution using lightning platform. We offer a culture of strong governance and project management in order to drive business success for each of our customers. We Utilize our team of business analyst, solution architects, delivery managers, Quality Assurance engineers, Technical lead and Salesforce developers to kick-start your vision and build the “Next Cloud Based Success Story”.

What Makes us Different?

One-Stop Shop for all Salesforce Needs.

Proven success delivery models that adheres to best practices, methodologies and agile processes.

AppExchange Product Development & Solutions Suite

Quick ROI and Successful Go To-Market models

Competent in advanced integration and data management capabilities

Deep expertise in delivering complex, multi-country, multilingual and multicurrency projects

Our Salesforce Services

Consulting Services

Our Salesforce consulting services experts empower you to identify opportunities, resolve your challenges and facilitate rapid growth. We lay a very strong emphasis on understanding your needs, and this allows us to create the best value for you.

What we do?

A. Analyze your requirements very thoroughly

We analyze your needs comprehensively; our experts clearly understand your capabilities and current challenges and identify how you can use cloud-based solutions to grow rapidly.

B. Evaluate your business processes and technologies

Our experts suggest the improvements you need to make to your existing technology and business processes and how the improvements can be made in a cost-efficient manner.

C. Develop the project charter and roadmap to success

We help you come up with a project charter and a detailed roadmap to enable you to make the best use of Salesforce to meet your needs without hassles.

Implementation Services

Our implementation services enable you to transition from your legacy systems to Salesforce in a smooth fashion and get the highest ROI in the shortest possible time.

What we do?

A. Configure and Customize the Salesforce Solution

Our Salesforce experts will work with you to provide the perfect solution. They will configure and develop the solution, which will meet all your needs with a high degree of efficacy.

B. Test the solution thoroughly and deploy it

We test the solution rigorously to ensure it is of the highest quality. After completing the comprehensive test process, our deployment specialists will deploy the solution.

C. Train users to ensure seamless

Our team will train your users to enable them to make good use of the application and maximize productivity. We also work with you to facilitate hassle-free adoption of the new system.

Integration Services

We help integrate the data in systems such as Oracle, SAP and a host of cloud-based systems. Our experts utilize the capabilities of powerful middleware and custom-built Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate data with Salesforce.

What we do?

A. Analyze your data integration requirements very thoroughly

We perform a detailed analysis of your data integration needs. The analysis enables us to come up with an action plan to integrate the data in the shortest timeframe, with the least expenditure.

B. Map the systems data for easy connectivity

Our data integration specialists map the data you wish to integrate with Salesforce; this will go a long way in ensuring effective bi-directional connectivity, facilitating efficient data synchronization.

C. Ameliorate the data and establish connectivity

We set up data filters to ensure only the required data is integrated with Salesforce to ensure maximum efficiency. Then, our team connects the data with Salesforce.

Application Management Services

Our Salesforce Application managed services allow you to ensure continuity of resources without any issues; We save your time and money and eliminate the need to hire in-house support personnel.

What we do?

A. 24 x 7 Monitoring Support

We perform a detailed analysis of your data integration needs. The analysis enables us to come up with an action plan to integrate the data in the shortest timeframe, with the least expenditure.

B. Identify new changes required

We investigate a problem methodically to find the right solution and prevent its recurrence. Likewise, we systematically analyze a new requirement to identify the best way to meet it.

C. Implement new changes Efficiently

Our expertise in managing Salesforce systems enables us to implement the new changes in a very short turnaround time, with minimal expenditure.

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