Provide a Framework that can Orchestrate Customer Engagement across the organization
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Orchestrated Engagement Model (OEM) is an Artificial Intelligence framework designed by GreenDarts Research & Innovation Team. OEM unifies several vertical silos and provides deeper integration of different business functions. Orchestrating business engagement with customers by leveraging the OEM Framework is an important part of commercial strategy. Now customer engagement is activated across all the functions in Organization.

OEM uses algorithm and machine learning processes to make recommendation for the next possible actions such as conversation, content, channel and Colleague. It is a Persona (Role) based engagement platform searching for next possible actions triggered by persona behaviour. OEM framework can be embedded or plugged in to CRM, Life science or pharmaceutical applications.

Our vision is to “Provide a Framework that can orchestrate customer engagement across the organization”.

OEM is an Integrated Intelligence Framework

OEM Use Case in Pharmaceutical Industry


Trust is an essential part of customer relationships. This is lagging when it comes to a biopharmaceutical manufacturers, physicians and other primary customers


In Pharma, every vertical silos such as Sales, Marketing, Call Center, Medical affairs focuses on its own objectives and applications. Now multiple uncoordinated communication across different channels make the customer confusing and ultimately they lose the trust on us. This encourages internal inefficiencies and decreases the profit and ROI


The solution is to orchestrate customer engagement across all the business functions using OEM framework. In OEM, different functions across organizations are connected using a Persona based intelligence algorithm. Now customer is responded based on coordination of decisions and activities results in gaining trust and confidence

Trust, Profitability and ROI. Lower Cost and faster time to market.

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